Cheers to my first blog post!

I started Clean Bunny after becoming more aware of the environmental, health, and animal rights ethics that so many brands violate. Who wants to put a product on their skin that contains ingredients linked to cancer or that tests on animals? Not me! As I began to look for products that suited this new passion, I quickly realized that it was easy to find Cruelty-Free and Vegan products or just All-Natural/Chemical-Free products, but it was hard to find a good source of products and lifestyle choices that included both harmless to animals and harmless to your own health. But, I’m not perfect. I’m still continuing to learn more about ridding my life of  its impurities and to find better alternatives. I’m using this platform to spread awareness of these causes and to provide simple tips and guides to lead a cleaner, ethical life for you and your family.* Thanks and enjoy!

*Note: I do not have a background in health or environmental studies, I am merely here to research cruelty-free and clean products and lifestyle changes and to share them with you.


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